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Aviation Exteriors Louisiana, Inc. (AvEx) is primarily in the business of painting the exterior of aircraft. From 1990 to 1999, operations were concentrated in the commercial aviation market to include passenger and cargo airlines. Over the last eight years, operations have expanded to take advantage of opportunities in two other sectors of the industry: the military and corporate markets. AvEx completed a military helicopter contract in 2002 and established ongoing contracts for painting C-130's. To further strengthen the initial operations, numerous large corporate aircraft were completed for customers in the United States and from several different countries around the world.

A conscious effort to become the premier paint operation in the industry has resulted in steady growth and expansion. From rather modest beginnings in 1990, AvEx is now firmly entrenched in the niche market of specializing in aircraft painting. This has allowed AvEx to focus on perfecting the process with no distraction and to set new standards for the industry in terms of quality and schedule. In support of the painting activities, AvEx also has extensive experience in the balancing of flight controls, minor sheet metal and composite repairs.




AvEx has based its business on the knowledge that a satisfied customer results in a continuing business relationship. This is accomplished through a management philosophy of gearing operations to the customer and ensuring that their expectations are exceeded. The customers who return with additional aircraft year after year are one measurement to the success of AxEx. A few of these satisfied customers are: Piedmont Airlines since l992; United Airlines since 1994; Southwest Airlines since 1996; Boeing Commercial Aircraft since 1997; FedEx since 1998; A S A since 2000.

Type of Aircraft


Type of Aircraft


Corporate 737 - BBJ


McDonnell Douglas MD 10


Corporate 727-200


McDonnell Douglas MD 11


Corporate 747 1

McDonnell Douglas MD 80


Corporate MD87 1

McDonnell Douglas MD 90


Boeing C-40B 4 L1011 2
Boeing C-40C 4

DeHaviland Dash 8


Boeing 747


DeHaviland Dash 7


Boeing 777


Gulfstream III


Boeing 767


Gulfstream II


Boeing 757


Aerospatiale ATR 42


Boeing 737


Aerospatiale ATR 72


Boeing 727


Dornier 328


Boeing CH47


Dornier 228


Airbus A300 59

Fairchild Metro III


Airbus A310 80

Fokker F28


Airbus A319 15

Fokker F27


Airbus A320/330 28

Jetstream 31




EMB 120




Saab 340


Douglas DC 8


Beech 1900


Douglas DC 9




Douglas DC 10




Caravan 208 & Falcon 50





July 1990: Originally conceived as Pride Aviation, Inc. the future Aviation Exteriors Louisiana, Inc., receives its charter as an Oklahoma corporation.

August 1990: Pride Aviation, Inc. opens its office at the Acadiana Regional Airport in New Iberia, Louisiana (near the home of TABASCO).

September 1990: Pride Aviation, Inc. is established as a F.A.A. Repair Station with the ratings for Limited Air Frame and Specialized Services specializing in the painting of commercial aircraft.
(The New Iberia, Louisiana facility has a humble beginning operating out of a 1964 vintage Navy hangar with the ability to house two 727 size aircraft simultaneously. However, the runway is 8,000 feet and there is much room for growth at the airport).

October 1990: Selected by Continental Airlines to implement its new image.

October 1991: A commuter hangar is added to the lease and there is capacity for additional aircraft.

October 1993: Construction of DC-10 wide-body hanger.

September 1995:  In appreciation of the 100th aircraft painted for their fleet, United Airlines awards a Certificate of Excellence in Recognition of Outstanding Teamwork and Workmanship.

October 1995: The commuter hangar is modified to accept the 737 and the l964 Navy hangar is structurally altered to accept the 757.

March 1996: Pride Aviation, Inc. is acquired by Aviation Group, Inc., a Texas corporation.

October l997: Pride Aviation, Inc. opens in Portland, Oregon at the Portland International Airport and is certified for a second operation at the AMC facility.

October 1997: Pride competes against 34 other facilities worldwide and is awarded a contract with Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, Everett, WA to paint new 777's, the first time that Boeing Everett had ever outsourced complete paint.

March l998:  Presented an award in Recognition and Appreciation for Quality Aircraft Painting Services by the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, Everett, WA.

January 1999: The name Pride Aviation, Inc. is officially changed to Aviation Exteriors Louisiana, Inc. (AvEx)

December 1999:  Awarded F.A.A "Certificate of Excellence" Diamond Award.

July 2000: State of the art, downdraft 747 paint hangar is completed in New Iberia. Capacity has grown from two narrowbody lines in l990 to three narrowbody and two widebody lines in ten years.

May 2001:  Awarded US Small Business Administrations "Administrator's Award for Excellence" in recognition of outstanding contribution and service to the nation.

December 2001:  Awarded FAA "Certificate of Excellence" Diamond Award.

December 2002:  Awarded FAA "Certificate of Excellence" Diamond Award.

December 2003:  Awarded FAA "Certificate of Excellence" Diamond Award.

December  2004:    Awarded    FAA "Certificate   of   Excellence"   Diamond   Award.  

October 2005:  AvEx teams with heavy maintenance provider, AEROFRAME SERVICES to offer a full range of customized paint services in Lake Charles, LA.

December 2005:  Awarded FAA "Certificate of Excellence" Diamond Award.

August 2006:  AvEx celebrates their 15th year Anniversary.

January 2007: Celebrated the arrival of the 2000th aircraft for paint refurbishment in New Iberia

August 2011:  AvEx celebrates their 20th year anniversary.



Striving for quality, not quantity, our philosophy has been ingrained into the workforce to do it right, by the book, and to the letter of the regulations, whether FAA, EPA, OSHA, or OUR VALUED CUSTOMER. This allows us to move full speed ahead, concentrating on the work before us, never having to look over our shoulder. AvEx has always zealously promoted the idea of building long term relationships, recognizing that safety, quality, and performance would be the foundation that would achieve this goal. Exceeding the customers expectations has developed strong commitments from the largest companies in the industry, from manufacturers to cargo to passenger airlines. This is the foundation of our internationally recognized operation. Among our valued customers, past & present are:

southwest airlines
united airlines
peidmont airlines
boeing commercial aircraft - everett/long beach
boeing helicoptors - philadelphia
boeing connexion
boeing - dap
federal express
fun - air
qantas airlines
alaska airlines
horizon airlines
air new zealand
air canada/canadian airlines
kingdom holding company
starling aviation
tudor saliba
lear siegler
strong aviation
magic carpet aviation
al anwa
tag aviation usa, inc.
continental express
express jet
a s a
canadian regional
mountain air cargo
us airways
baron aviation
empire airlines
air india
russian standard
precision international
las vegas jet
yona aviation

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